400 Series

The J-400 Collection spas are designed with a variety of the best hot tub features. Your hot tub choices start with color: Jacuzzi Hot Tubs builds high-quality durable shells in popular shades, with coordinating spa cabinetry and covers. We build the spa shells using an exclusive TriFusion System™ construction process which results in a product eight times stronger than conventional hot tub shells.

ProStream™ Circulation System

Engineering and advanced options save energy and costs. Jacuzzi designed the ProStream™ Circulation System to make every J-400 Collection hot tub run efficiently. The J-400 hot tubs are ozone-ready too, so you can opt for purer water with fewer chemicals by using ozone

UV-C Water Purification

CLEARRAY® Water Purification system treats water using exclusive UV-C technology, which means no gas, chemical, or other by-products are added to the water or produced as a result.

CLEARRAY® Water Purification

The Jacuzzi J-415

Jacuzzi J-415

The Jacuzzi FX10 Therapy Seat in the J-335™ (and other models) may be one of the best places on the planet to experience the benefits of hydrotherapy. Every curve in the FX10 Therapy Seat has been designed to fit the body; each of the adjustable-stream FX Jets is positioned to direct water with precision and strength. Bonus: the J-335™ includes a lounge seat – another one of the world’s best places to enjoy a hydrotherapeutic massage.

Key Features

  • Seats: 2-3 Adults
  • PowerPro Jets: 21
  • Dimensions: 66 in x 76 in x 32 in
  • Spa Volume: 202 gal.

The Jacuzzi J-425

Jacuzzi J-425

The J-425 is loaded with all the impressive elements found on the other Jacuzzi® J-400™ Designer Collection hot tubs and spas, but in a smaller footprint. It features the J-400 Collection’s patented asymmetrical design, with the curved and elevated back. The industry-exclusive WaterColour™ waterfall by Jacuzzi will capture your attention, too. The sight and sound create an ambiance of peace and serenity even when you are not in the hot tub. And for relaxation, muscle massage and stress relief, the hydrotherapy in the J-415 is powered by two pumps that deliver incredible hydrotherapeutic experiences to four distinctly designed hydrotherapy seats. The unique combinations of PowerPro® jets give you a range of massage options targeting specific parts of the body and accommodating different body types and sizes. Plus, the Jacuzzi jets let you adjust the massage action to your heart’s desire.

Key Features

  • Seats: 4-5 Adults
  • PowerPro Jets: 27
  • Dimensions: 76 in x 87 in x 39 in
  • Spa Volume:292 gal.

The Jacuzzi J-460

Jacuzzi J-460

A relaxing hydromassage in a Jacuzzi J 460™ model can help you renew the energy drained away by stress and fatigue. Hydrotherapy is known to promote better sleep habits and relieve muscle tension. New varieties of hydrotherapy jets are featured in the J-460™ spas, including the illuminated PowerPro IX Jet. Think of the J-460™ as a personal meditation area and therapy center (also works well for parties of five) in your very own hot tub spa.

Key Features

  • Low-profile patio spa
  • Original PowerPro FX10 Therapy Seat
  • Convenient styling elements
  • Integrated sculpted beverage holders
  • LCD lighted control panels

The Jacuzzi J-465

Jacuzzi J-465

With a J-465™ in the backyard, you’re never far from having fun. It’s perfect for a party, or relaxing alone. Stretch out in a full-size lounge that goes to great lengths to reach your entire body. Adjust the pillows and settle into the intimacy of side-by-side seating in this stunning hot tub spa.The WaterColour™ waterfall and the effervescent IX jet cast a glow over the scene at night, and illuminate the curves of the spa.The J-465™ adds natural beauty to any backyard. Like all the spas in the J-400 Collection, the new J-465™ features a choice of color palettes for shells and cabinetry, each designed to blend with the landscape and complement your home’s exterior. Roasted Chestnut, the newest natural wood color in the Jacuzzi line of ProEndure™ UV-resistant hot tub cabinetry, adds a rich, deep-brown option to the line.

Key Features

  • Single WaterColour waterfall
  • All-new ProAir™ Lounge Seat
  • Rotating RX Jets, BX Bubbler Jets and MX2 foot jets for a total massage
  • Optional new Jacuzzi ProLites™ Exterior Accents with automatic daylight sensors illuminate the area outside the spa with LED lighting

The Jacuzzi J-470

Jacuzzi J-470

Jacuzzi J-400 spas provide padded headrests that move up and down to accommodate different body heights. Another one of the many ways Jacuzzi helps you relax, the J-400 collection’s adjustable pillows are unlike those in other large hot tubs. At night, colored lights glowing from the waterfalls and from new underwater lights add to the peaceful feeling. Something you won’t find in other big hot tubs.Comfort comes in your size, with seats in a variety of depths. The experts at Jacuzzi build in features to personalize the home hot tub experience. Seats are molded to support the body; in the J-470™, every seat is designed for easy access to the foot jets, as well. Highly-effective neck jets and five of the new vigorous Jacuzzi PowerPro FX2 Spinner jets are featured in this large spa.

Key Features

  • Open Seating
  • PowerPro Combo Therapy Seat
  • Maximum-volume MX2 Jets
  • NX2 Jets concentrate on the neck area
  • Exclusive design technology: patent-pending, adjustable pillow headrests

The Jacuzzi J-480

Jacuzzi J-480

The ultimate in luxury spas. The J-480 model showcases the Collection’s dramatic new curved profile. Behind the WaterColour™ feature, the shaped acrylic edge creates a vertical drop that plays up the waterfall effect – so you can relax as water flows over your shoulders. The J-480′s asymmetrical lines present a fresh spa silhouette, unlike any other luxury hot tub available.Give in to the luxury of Jacuzzi hydrotherapy, cocooned in a world of cascading waterfalls and warm jet streams. 48 PowerPro jets produce virtually any massage type, from deeply invigorating to tension-relieving. There are three therapy seats in the J-480, in addition to the lounge, each one designed to provide a targeted hydromassage for specific muscle groups.

Key Features

  • Dual WaterColour™ waterfalls
  • 48 PowerPro jets
  • Therapy Lounge
  • Footmound jets
  • AquaSound™ Audio System option with Made for iPod Docking Station and Auxiliary MP3 jack; waterproof micro-speakers; CD player; AM/FM radio; powered subwoofer, remote control

The Jacuzzi J-495

Jacuzzi J-495

With ample room for up to nine adults, customizable massage, and advanced technology, the J-495™ tops the category of luxury spas. The J-495 is the only model among all the Jacuzzi® luxury spas that is equipped with three pumps. This gives the J-495 the power and versatility to provide every seat with a complete and customizable massage experience. You can adjust the volume of water flowing to individual jets in each seat. Adjust the amount of air coming out of the jets using the “private” air controls near each seat. Few luxury spas give you diverter valves that allow you to move the water’s intensity between seats. All in all, when you invite guests over, you can count on everyone getting a choice of a full range of massage combinations, from relaxing to invigorating.

Key Features

  • Seats: 7-9 Adults
  • PowerPro Jets: 62
  • Dimensions: 90 in x 110 in x 41 in
  • Spa Volume: 520 gal.

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