Hot Tub Care


Circulation allows the water to pass through the equipment and the filtration system. Along with allowing for filtration, circulation also provides distribution of the water care products throughout the hot tub. Run your circulation system daily. Check your spa owner’s manual to determine frequency and length of filter cycle.


Filtration helps keep the water clear by capturing oils, lotions and other foreign debris in the hot tub. When the filter is dirty or clogged the efficiency of the filter decreases causing the water to be cloudy. Every three to four months, when draining your tub, the filter should be chemically cleaned to remove oils and lotions.


Testing the water gives you water balance information and lets you know when adjustments need to be made to keep the water safe, clear and comfortable for you. Properly balanced water protects the hot tub equipment from damage due to scale or acidic water.

Water Care Program

This provides a sanitary environment, protects the equipment and provides brilliant, sparkling, algae free water. Click on one of the PDFs to the right for more detailed information.

Draining & Refilling

Regular draining and refilling is a normal part of hot tub maintenance. Three to four months intervals are recommended to maintain safe and clear water.


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