Fiberglass Inground Pools


  • Low maintenance: The gel coat surface of a fiberglass pool is nonporous which inhibits the growth of algae and therefore makes it somewhat sanitize the pool the pool.
  • Little lifetime cost: properly installed, with cantilever coping covering the top edge of the pool, there is rarely a need to invest in upkeep of the shell of a fiberglass pool.
  • Non-abrasive surface: The gel coat surface of fiberglass pools is smooth to the touch.
  • Built-in seats and steps: Most fiberglass pool designs have seating and all have steps incorporated into the shell of the pool.
  • Manufactured in controlled environment: Fiberglass pools are built in the controlled climate of a factory.
  • Quick installation: Because the shells of fiberglass pools are built off site, the installation occurs more rapidly. 1 week on average.


  • Limited shapes and designs: Because fiberglass pools are built from a mold, the consumer is limited to the shapes and sizes offered by the various fiberglass pool manufacturers.
  • No wider than 16 feet: Fiberglass Pools are shipped from the factory on a truck. Shipping restrictions limit the width of the fiberglass pool shell to 16 feet.
  • Repairs on some colored finishes do not match: Many fiberglass pool manufacturers use colored finishes that do not match in the unlikely event that a repair is needed.
  • Higher initial cost: Fiberglass pools are more of an initial investment; usually at least 20% more than a vinyl liner pool and slightly less than a concrete pool.

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