Concrete Inground Pools


  • Customizable shapes and sizes: Concrete pools can be any size, shape, or depth. Dream on.
  • More flexibility with design features: Vanishing edges, beach entries, tanning ledges, etc. are all just a sketch away from reality with concrete pools.
  • Works of art: Concrete pools can be integrated into design as a literal work of art in the landscape similar to a Vinyl Liner Pool.


  • Higher lifetime cost: Concrete pools will need to be renovated every 10-20 years. This involves resurfacing and/or re-tiling the pool at an expense of $8,ooo-$12,ooo.
  • More chemical use: Because the surface of concrete pools is very porous, more chemicals and filtration are required to prevent algae. The alkaline pH of the pool shell also constantly raises the pH of the water, requiring the frequent adding of acid to counteract the effect.
  • More maintenance: Concrete pools also need to be frequently broomed or swept with a pool brush to remove algae from the pores of the plaster or aggregate surface.
  • Longer installation time: Concrete pools take longer to install….usually 2-3 months.

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